Katrok Woodworks products are hand made of eastern hardwood, designed to be artistically unique, and of the highest quality.


At KatroK Woodworks I lathe turn hardwood bowls made entirely from eastern hardwood trees that grow right here in the          Catskill Mountains of New York State. Multiple species of wood are assembled to produce unique color, pattern, texture and shape combinations. No two pieces are alike. From tree to bowl, the process starts with the harvesting of a tree and getting it to the sawmill. When sawing a log I look for interesting features that may produce unusual grain patterns. The boards are then stacked inside a drying shed. When dry I transfer selected wood to my shop where it is cut, joined and planed in preparation for inclusion in a new piece. Selecting the various elements that will be made into a bowl blank is an important part of the process. Past experience, intuition and the willingness to experiment are essential in assembling the components that produce a ready to be turned blank with real potential. I never start with a fixed idea of what the bowl will be. As I turn the piece I look for features that will suggest the best shape. It is a creative process that can produce surprising results, stunning work that is both beautiful and functional. Work that I have created resides from one end of the country to the other and as far away as New Zealand and Iceland. A final note about the wood; eastern United States hardwood forests produce some of the finest material on the planet. It is a renewable resource of great value. With proper care and management these forests can continue to provide clean water, wildlife habitat, sustainable wood yield, recreation opportunities, and in doing so the beauty of these great Catskill Mountain will be preserved for future generations.


Fine hand turned hardwood bowls and custom manufactured furniture

John G. Perrella

Master Woodworker

500 Alpha Road

Grahamsville, NY 12740

845 588 5511

email: jgperrella@gmail.com

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Pure Catskills, an economic initiative of the Watershed Agricultural Council here in the Catskill Mountains of New York, has made a short video of my discussion of the forest resource. Worth viewing at;


Pure Catskills can be found at; www.purecatskills.com